Appraisals include the following stages of work..

DETERMINE OBJECTIVE:  ENA Appraisals begin every appraisal with a client consultation.  Consultations are free of charge and can be done in person or via phone.  During the consultation, an in-dept understanding of the client’s goal and artwork will be discussed.  A quote in writing will be provided within 48 hrs of the consultation.  If client chooses to move forward, every appraisal requires the following three distinct stages of work:

PROPERTY INSPECTION: The appraiser meticulously examines the property consistent with the Getty Object ID, the international standard for art, antiques, and antiquities, including description, markings, condition and photography.

VALUE RESEARCH: The appraiser considers the appropriate approach to value to research the value conclusion addressing multiple factors including the following as applicable:

  • Market Identification, History, and Condition, Comparable Property Location, Public and Private Sales, Retail Costs, Market Levels and Trends, Consumer Habits, Expert Opinion

REPORT WRITING: The appraiser prepares and assembles the completed property, market, and value research utilizing USPAP reporting standards.  Illustrated and annotated report is delivered electronically via PDF with value conclusion fully explained.