Art & Printmaking: Prt 1
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Art & Printmaking: Prt 1

Types of prints in the art world

Many of us would be familiar with the more common types of prints in the art world such as a Lithograph or a Giclée print but there are many forms of printmaking techniques used to create artwork on paper. In this “Did You Know” segment we will explore (at a high level) the first three of six types of printmaking.

Relief Prints – Made out of metal or wood. Cut and then the raised elements are inked and pressed on to the paper. This is believed to be oldest approach in creating art (think potato print).

Intaglio Prints – A metal plate is cut-in and then the below surface areas are inked. Next the surface is cleaned leaving only the ink in the areas that were cut. Using a damp linen-paper the metal plate is placed on paper surface and then extreme pressure is applied to transfer image. Think Etching but there are many forms and this process which was initially made famous by Rembrandt.

Planographic Prints – Just as the title implies this approach involves at-the-surface printing. The earliest form is a Monotype print which requires ink to be painted onto a flat surface of a metal plate and then pulled through a press. This approach was first used by Italian artist Giovanni Castiglione.

Printmaking is one of the oldest techniques used by artists and one of the most difficult to master. We hope you have a better understanding of prints in the art world. Questions or comments about this post? Contact Us or leave drop us a note below. We would be happy to hear from you.

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