Artwork Conservation and its Impact on Value
- August
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Artwork Conservation and its Impact on Value

Understanding conservation of artwork is essential in determining its value. A painting that is showing signs of cracking will likely not hold its value as well as one in excellent condition.

During an appraisal, the condition of the artwork is checked for any current of pending damage. During this inspection, the appraisal will want to know if the artwork has had a conservator address any issues. This will be noted in the appraisal report along with the overall condition. An appraiser is not a conservator and can only determine the value based on the overall condition.

Before an appraisal, the collector should inspect their artwork with a magnifying glass and make note of what you see. If the damage is so small that it is of little consequence to the overall piece, then it likely warrants no attention.

If the damage is notable and conspicuous in extend and may involve great risk to the remaining stability of the object, then it would require immediate attention to prevent further damage or loss.

If in doubt, seek the expertise of a conservator, here is a good place to start.

If the artwork requires conservation, then the type of damage and repair required will determine the impact (if any) on value.

If artwork is naturally aging and requires conservation in order to preserve the piece, the value of the artwork is often enhanced.

If the artwork is damaged for any other reason and requires conservation it will almost always have a reduced value. Delaying the conservation will only further reduce value if condition worsens.

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