June 2020 10
Online Inspections
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We have always conducted online inspections when in-person was not an option. Given the current pandemic and the recommendation by the World Health Organization for physical distancing more clients are requesting online inspections. The Uniform

March 2020 10
Tips Before Investing in Art
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We have all heard the stories of finding lost art, buried treasure worth millions.  I am a true believer that they are out there in people’s possessions that are simply unaware of its value.  On

January 2020 13
Our Values..
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We Believe in Community Service. ENA Appraisals is rooted on a set of five values that we believe makes us different than any other art appraisal firm.  Our About Us page lists all five of these

December 2019 03
Organizing Your Art Collection
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Cataloging Art Collections There may be times when you find yourself with several pieces of artwork that you know very little about. This is most likely to occur as a result of an inheritance. It

November 2019 19
Fair vs Market Value
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Two Types of Markets and Values Before identifying the type of personal property appraisal required, an appraiser must first determine the client’s objective. Appraisal terminology can be confusing so its best to identify what the

September 2019 23
The Art of Printmaking
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Understand the Printmaking Process A few posts ago I introduced 3 different types of printmaking that fine art appraisers look for when identifying prints. I would like to revisit the subject by describing 3 more