Our Values..
- January
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Our Values..

We Believe in Community Service.

ENA Appraisals is rooted on a set of five values that we believe makes us different than any other art appraisal firm.  Our About Us page lists all five of these values but for this post we will focus on one – We Believe in Community Service. 

In 2019, ENA Appraisals provided volunteer hours to the San Diego History Center as a Gallery Guide and Community Historian. Additional volunteer initiatives are in the works for 2020.

In order to better serve our communities, the ENA Art Group was formed to combine ENA Appraisals and Arredon Art into one S-corp.  Both businesses operating under one entity with the same values.  Under the corporation, ENA Appraisals and Arredon Art have combined efforts to contribute a set percentage of annual profits  and volunteer hours to local non-profits. 

ENA Appraisals is proud to be a supporter for a thriving community in a variety of capacities. We thank our clients and partnerships for their continued support. 

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about our values.


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