DETERMINE OBJECTIVE:  ENA Appraisals begin every appraisal with a client consultation.  Consultations are free of charge and can be done in person or via phone.  During the consultation, an in-dept understanding of the client’s goal and artwork will be discussed.  A quote in writing will be provided within 48 hrs of the consultation.  If client chooses to move forward, every appraisal requires the following three distinct stages of work:

PROPERTY INSPECTION: The appraiser meticulously examines the property consistent with the Getty Object ID, the international standard for art, antiques, and antiquities, including description, markings, condition and photography.

VALUE RESEARCH: The appraiser considers the appropriate approach to value to research the value conclusion addressing multiple factors including the following as applicable:

  • Market Identification, History, and Condition

  • Comparable Property Location

  • Public and Private Sales

  • Retail Costs

  • Market Levels and Trends

  • Consumer Habits

  • Expert Opinion

REPORT WRITING: The appraiser prepares and assembles the completed property, market, and value research utilizing USPAP reporting standards.  Illustrated and annotated report is delivered electronically via PDF with value conclusion fully explained.

Fees and Terms of Service:

Appraisal services are billed at the hourly rate of $200 with a two hour minimum. Quote to prepare your report will depend on its purpose, the total number of items and the amount of information provided.

NOTE: Internal Revenue Service compliant reports (charitable donation and estate) require more time than those for insurance coverage. No charges for travel within our service areas of Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco. Travel outside of these areas is subject to a surcharge.


  1. Contact us to schedule a free consultation to clarify your objective.
  2. Quote along with service contract and invoice is sent to you within 48-hrs and valid for 30 days.
  3. The signed contract and 50% of fee is required before work begins.
  4. Schedule inspection date with you at your home or business.
  5. Draft report is sent for your review in approximately two to three weeks from the inspection date.
  6. Balance due is paid, we email you the  signed PDF final copy (Additional printed and bound copies may be requested for a nominal per-page fee).
  7. We accept Checks, Square Cash and Credit Cards.

All information and materials produced by or submitted to ENA Appraisals are confidential and are not released to any party without the permission of the client.

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