ENA Appraisals provides services for a wide range of fine art. The list below represents the areas that we currently specialize in. For projects that include property outside our areas of expertise, we are able to put together a team of experts to ensure we can provide a qualified review.

  • Mid-century and contemporary art from 1950 to present including; paintings, sculptures, sketches and prints.

Owned and operated by Elsie Arredondo, who is an Accredited Member of the International Society of Appraisers and a IRS qualified art appraiser.  Read more About Us



When seeking insurance coverage, insurance companies generally require documentation of the replacement value of the client’s collection. In view of the recent volatility of the art market, appraisals should be updated every three to five years to ensure that the valuation stays consistent with changing market conditions.


These appraisals determine market value and assists clients in establishing a credible selling price for their fine art. *Valuations instead of appraisals are also available.

Charitable Donations

The Internal Revenue Service requires a formal appraisal determining Fair Market Value if the claimed deduction for one or more like items of donated property is more than $5,000. All appraisals of charitable donations must meet IRS standards and requirements.

Estate Planning

These appraisals clarify questions of property value and distribution of property, and assist attorneys and related professionals in establishing a client’s net worth as a basis for estate division in cases of divorce, inheritance, bankruptcy or business liquidation.


Identification of Artwork

Identification of artwork is the act of determining a property’s medium and characteristics in a quantitative manner. Qualities such as dimensions, materials, form, construction techniques, condition, signs of aging, etc. are factored into identifying artwork.  

Cataloging Art Collections

This is not a formal appraisal. This is an inventory and valuation service which includes the inspection and estimated value for each piece of art in a collection.  Cataloging an art collection provides valuable insight and assists in determining if a formal appraisal will be necessary.

Art Broker

Assistance with the acquisition and/or resale of fine art. 

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